Sydney Felder

female-silhouetteSydney Felder is a military brat originally from Hampton Roads, VA, but currently resides in Fayetteville, NC. She is a member of her school’s yearbook and has attended several writing and journalism/communications programs. In her free time, she likes to collect records, run, play field hockey and lacrosse, draw, paint, and take photos. Sydney would like to be a photojournalist or anything pertaining to photography or film.

That’s So Sydney

By Hannah Isley

Sydney Felder spent her childhood not so much playing with toys, but admiring Pulitzer Prize photos in museums.

Felder always has had an interest in photography. She has grown up with a dad who not only loves photography, but is also in the army. Felder is an army brat and moves around frequently. That has had a part in shaping her into the person she is today.

Felder not only loves photography, but also people. She is a “sucker” for people’s feelings, always trying to fix everyone’s problems. This is just one part of her perfectionist personality.

Felder always has strived to be the best at everything. She often puts everything she has into what she’s doing, allowing her to excel. “Being a perfectionist, I try to be the best, even if I kill myself over it,” Felder said.

The first sport she loved was field hockey, but she currently plays lacrosse because field hockey isn’t common in North Carolina. She loves to be active and doing something productive.

Not only does Felder have a passion for people, but for animals. She often volunteers at a local animal kennel called Blessed Oasis. She has always loved dogs and even though she doesn’t want to be a veterinarian, when she retires, she would love to open up her own kennel.

Felder’s mom calls her an “old soul,” because of her love for older things. She grew up listening to Gospel music and James Taylor, which has had an effect on the kind of music she likes today.

She enjoys music such as Fleetwood Mac and the Bee Gees. She also enjoys going to record stores and thrift shops, which both give off vintage vibes.

Although her school doesn’t offer journalism or a newspaper, she still found a way to compromise. She is joining the yearbook staff at her school this fall. Felder also attended a writing camp at Duke University for 2 different years.

In addition to the Duke camps, she also attended Discover the World in Communications at American University in 2013. Last year she got the opportunity to study abroad with the People Meet People organization.

She studied in Greece, Sicily, and Italy. While traveling, Felder got to see many historical places. “Learning about another culture and seeing the similarities and differences between the host families’ life and to mine was incredible,” she said.

Felder hopes to be a photojournalist when she gets older. She isn’t into capturing people in her photos, instead she likes more artsy subjects. She is into shapes and objects that she can twist and turn to make the perfect picture.

As for her senior year, Felder has strong emotion toward it. She already has decided that she wants to stress less, stay focused and have a great ending to her high school career.

As for her senior trip, her parents have simply told her to pick a place. She is trying to decide on either France or Sydney, Australia. She is also excited to get out of Fayetteville and go to college.