Chloe Gruesbeck

female-silhouetteChloe Gruesbeck is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan but now resides in Pittsboro. She attends Northwood High School where she plays varsity soccer and is the future editor in chief of the school newspaper, The Northwood Omniscient. In the future, she hopes to attend UNC, with a focus on journalism and law.

That’s So Chloe

By Doni Holloway

Chloe Gruesbeck, 17, is a rising senior who participates in a wide array of extracurricular activities.

A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, her experiences as an avid soccer player initially sparked her interest in journalism and law.

Gruesbeck said that her experiences as a leader on the soccer team sparked her interest in those areas, which she plans to ultimately pursue in college and as a career.

“I’ve played soccer since I was 5 years old. It’s kind of my life. I’ve always been a vocal person on the field and I’ve always assumed the leadership roles. I’m able to call out to my teammates where they need to be. It’s like being a mini coach.”

Excelling academically, she acknowledges that she has to work on managing pressure. In her free time, she watches movies and plays with her dog. She said, “My free time allows me to relieve the stress that builds up and lets you recuperate.”

Asked about the parallel between living up North versus in the South, Gruesbeck said, “We moved my freshman year. We had trimesters at my old school. I was one trimester in and I moved to North Carolina. It was really difficult. I feel like I started high school three times. It was rough.”

Recognizing how personal the South can be, she said, “Up North, you’re expected to be more reserved. If you see someone on the street and you don’t know them, you’re supposed to look at the ground.”

“Looking at them is an invasion of their personal privacy. I never really thought about that, but down here, it’s considered rude to be like that.”

In the fall, Gruesbeck hopes to bring a balance of kindness and warmth to the Northwood High School newspaper team, The Omniscient as the future editor-in-chief. She recognizes the demands of leading a high school newspaper but hopes to fulfill the expectations of her advisors.

The Chuck Stone Program has helped to reaffirm her interest in journalism. As a scholar, she hopes to take the notes and knowledge acquired to improve her journalism class and paper. Asked Chloe to share one word to describe the future vision of her paper, she said, “intuitive.”